Our Story

Fergus is the brainchild of Dan Pollard, a veteran Tradie. He dreamed it up a few years ago, while he was knee deep in the trenches of running his own trades business. After going bust once and burning out once, Dan figured out that a trades business needs proper systems in place to keep it running – without running its owner into the ground.

In his search for great systems he developed Fergus, and it was so good he was able to grow his business from 4 employees to 24 in less than 4 years. In fact, he even worked himself out of a job.

Our Promise

We’ve made it our mission to build truly successful trade and service businesses that can stand up on their own, without the owner’s operational involvement. How are we achieving this? By giving businesses the right tools at the right time to get the job done without wasting any time.

Fergus is the operational backbone of trades businesses, taking care of the day-to-day and providing complete clarity and control. We’re giving business owners and managers the time and insight they need for the business to grow and succeed.

End-to-end job tracking

Keep track of jobs from quotes all the way through to payments.

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On-the-go team management

Manage your team and let your team manage the job in the app.

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Intelligent business insights

Insights to help choose profitable jobs and grow your margins.

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