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We are tradies ourselves who have owned and operated contracting business’s for over 30 years, we have taken a few knocks and had our fair share of success, so we understand the challenges that tradies face. That’s why we started this business to help other tradies like you in the same situation…and we’ve been doing it for 10 years now!

Tradepartners is a buying group for electricians, but more than that, we help our members grow not only through the power of group buying but also by supporting the growth of their business. We do this with the use of smart and easy solutions to reduce business costs, reduce time and reduce stress.

We have a bunch of benefits including a nationally managed price file at J.A. Russell Ltd and Radcliffe Electrical, discounted products from some of NZ’s leading retailers and a catalogue of business services that will help your business grow… the choice is yours…and it’s 100% FREE!


Tradepartners is the brainchild of Steve and Steve. They dreamed it up a few years ago, while running their own data and electrical contracting business. They found that it was difficult and time consuming to negotiate and maintain the best supplier pricing, work out the best software systems and to get the best deals on everyday products, business services and training.

They’ve spent years working all this stuff out, getting stuff wrong and figuring out what works best to run a successful trades business. In 2013 they were recognised for the growth of their data and electrical contracting business by being awarded the Deloitte Fast 50 as one of the fastest growing companies in the country.

So, after doing all the hard yards they thought, let’s share our learnings with other tradies so they can benefit from our experience, knowledge, know-how and relationships that they’ve built over the years.

Steve Simpson

Co-founder and Director of TradePartners and the National Sales Manager. In 2010 Steve and Steve joined forces and started their own Data & Electrical contracting company where he ran operations and finance for the company. Shortly after starting this company Steve’s saw a gap in the market and started TradePartners. Having worked with trades people throughout the years has given him a grass roots understanding of the industry.

Steve Natoli

Co-founder and Director of TradePartners, Steve is a registered electrician and has 30+ years of experience in the Electrical and Data Cabling industries. Steve has worked his way up through all aspects of the electrical industry from an electrical apprentice to owning and operating his own electrical business.

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How do I spend my business credits?2022-10-31T20:14:16+13:00

Use the request form on the website under your personal login

Do I still get RSR points?2022-11-02T23:08:10+13:00

Yes, the Accelerator Programme is in addition to RSR points

Where can I spend my business credits?2022-11-02T23:09:49+13:00

You can spend your business credits on any service provider in our Accelerator Programme. Note that if a service provider of yours is not in the list you can request them to be added.

Do my business credits expire?2022-11-02T23:11:14+13:00

Yes, they do, after 24months but don’t worry we will be in contact to make sure you use them

Do I have to make all my purchases at J.A Russell Ltd or Radcliffe Electrical?2024-04-09T18:44:14+12:00

The expectation is that the majority of your purchases are with J.A. Russell Ltd or Radcliff Electrical

What happens if I don’t have enough business credits to pay the service providers full cost?2022-10-31T20:07:35+13:00

We will pay the service provider costs with what business credits you have available, and you will pay the balance

What happens to my business credits if I close my business?2022-10-31T20:10:04+13:00

We will pay what is owed prior to you selling

Can I cash in my business credits?2022-10-31T20:11:14+13:00

No, business credits must be used for business related expenses

Where do I check my business credit balance?2022-10-31T20:15:53+13:00

Your balance is on our website under your personal login


“In my time here, I’ve been really impressed with the service and the communication 100% so hats off to you and your team!”

“As a company we do a lot of work outside our region and often need to use contractors, Tradepartners have a member network around the country that I have used many times”
“Tradepartners have saved me a huge amount of time and effort with their national price file with JAR, the buying power of the group and all there negotiated discounts is a real benefit to my business”

“The knowledge and advice that I get from Tradepartners has certainly helped the growth of my company, the guys have got years of experience that I can call on”.

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